3 ways for your business to back up data


In the world of modern technologies the progress is soaring in the air. Some 10 years ago we could not have even imagined any cloud solution for replicating your data to. Dropbox has become the cloud technology pioneer only in 2010. And now we cannot imagine our life without it. There is even no more question whether businesses should or should not back up their local and cloud data. The question is which way is the best.

So here are 3 ways that you can make your data safe as a fortress.

  1. Local backup

This way is the one we have inherited from the past era. You can set up your own local hard drive and manually copy all your data there. This way has its pros and cons. The good thing is that you always have quick access to your data and can restore it in a couple of minutes. The dark side is that the local hardware is never too safe: servers fail and so does all the information stored in them.

  1. Cloud backup

There are many backup vendors in the market now. The main idea is that you set up the backup software on your machine, connect it to the cloud and set up scheduled daily or weekly backups of your data to the cloud. In this case internet connection is required and you can access you data in the cloud in any part of the world.

  1. Cloud-to-Cloud Backup

We have already got used to the cloud data safety and rarely think of the safety issues we can come across. Nonetheless there are some hidden stones. You can never protect the user’s data from the user himself. If your employees delete the data from the cloud and from the trash bin then you can hardly ever get it back unless you have taken special precautions and set up some backup applications.

The good example of the cloud SaaS application widely used by many businesses is online Office 365. You can easily share your documents with other people within or outside of your organization but you should always be careful about it.

The best way to protect you Office365 data, as I have already mentioned above, is to set up a special cloud-to-cloud backup application such as Upsafe free Office365 backup.