Upsafe Free backup released new feature: scheduling

We are constantly developing our backup software.

So meet the new feature. You can set up a schedule the backup for your Gmail and MS  Office 365 Outlook and you don’t have to do is all manually now.

To schedule the backup open the program, click Tools -> Create a schedule.

In the pop-up window select the Triggers tab and click “New”:


You can create a schedule in the new window.

You can run backup once, daily, weekly or monthly.

You can set up the time of the day when the backup should run.

In the Advanced settings part of the settings you can set up for how much time you would like to delay the backup process with respect to the time you have chosen.

You can set up recurring backup for every 5 minutes up to 1 hour. You can also set up the backup expiration time with the second preciseness.

After you have put in the necessary changes click OK. Now you will see that the backup is scheduled at the splash screen.


Write in the comments how scheduling has worked in your case.