Google Apps environmental security


In the previous article we have taken a look at how Google provides physical data security. Now it’s time to find out how Google Apps cares for its environmental safety. First of all, Google servers are quite secure and almost the only way that you can lose your data is due to the users’ mistakes. So if you are a Google Apps admin, you should know the ways how to restore Google Apps in case of disaster.

Google’s server clusters are quite elastic and redundant and the hardware is built in a way that minimizes environmental risks. All the necessary devices like networks and switches are working to provide you with the safest service imaginable.

Electric Power

To support Google’s continuity 24×7, electrical power systems in Google data center include superfluous systems. Each critical component of the data center is provided with alternative power source apart from the primary one. In cases when the primary power source fails the secondary source comes to work with an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) until the primary generators get back to work again. The diesel engine secondary generators can provide enough electrical power to run the data center at full capacity for a period of time in case of emergency.

Air temperature

The air temperature is kept at the constant level so that the servers and other hardware was able to operate normally. If the hardware gets too hot the air conditioning will cool it down and reduce the chances of service outage. The air conditioning is powered by both normal and emergency electrical systems.

Fire detection

Automatic fire detection and suppression tools help to put the fire out before it has made any damage to computing hardware. Heat, smoke and water sensors are set at the data center ceiling and underneath the raised floor.

In case of fire or smoke, this oversensitive system sounds audible and visible alarms in the affected area, at the security console and at the remote monitoring desk. Manually operated firemen are also located in the data centers. Data center staff are regularly trained on fire prevention.

So as you can see Google is really concerned about their hardware physical safety. And you can wholly trust your data to GoogleApps.

How to restore Google Apps

Now you see that the chances to lose your cloud data due to Google servers crash are negligible.

But remember that Google cannot protect your users from themselves. If they delete a file themselves Google cannot prevent them from data loss. So it’s better to always have a reserve copy of your cloud data. Back up Google apps with Upsafe Freeware and never lose a bit of your cloud data. Just signup with your corporate Gmail account and see how to restore Google Apps with our user-friendly interface.