Office 365 admin center

Office 365 is a great online collaboration tool. If you are an IT administrator in your company and you have decided to select Office 365 as your mail tool, you have made the right choice. Check this article to learn about Office 365 admin center capabilities and also how to enhance your online data security … Continued

Office 365: helping disabled people to study

What was studying at school like in the past? Dig deeper into your memory and try to remember. A teacher explains the material writing something at the blackboard. Students take notes, read paper books. When it comes to testing their knowledge the teacher spreads the quiz sheets among the students. Finally children fill in their … Continued

Mail Protection Reports for spam and malware control in Office365


This instrument can be really helpful for admins who manage Exchange Online. Mail protection reports allows you to monitor how much spam and malware come to your corporate email every day and how often your transport rules match. With this useful tool you can easily visualise the summary data. And of course you can see … Continued

How to troubleshoot in Office365 hybrid environment

troubleshoot- Office365-hybrid-environment

Office365 offers you a useful tool for troubleshooting in the hybrid environment. It helps large companies with hybrid configuration. The major problem it helps to solve regards the situation when the cloud users can’t see free/busy data for on-premises users and vice versa.