Mail Protection Reports for spam and malware control in Office365


This instrument can be really helpful for admins who manage Exchange Online.

Mail protection reports allows you to monitor how much spam and malware come to your corporate email every day and how often your transport rules match. With this useful tool you can easily visualise the summary data. And of course you can see the details about each individual message which is no older than 90 days.

In order to apply this tool you need to have the “global admin” Office 365 rights.

The example of the mail protection report in the office 365 admin center


You can set up the date range for the summary data.

You can slice the graph and see only the report that matches the criteria you need (Good mail, malware, etc.).

To go deeper into the details click on the specific point on the graph. You will see a message with more information such as:

  • The date when the message was sent
  • The email addresses (in and out)
  • The message ID
  • The subject of the message


If a virus penetrated through your double-wall protection and crushed some of your emails you should always have a chance to easily restore your Office365 emails.

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