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Enterprises worldwide choose Office 365 instead of G Suite by Google. There are 2 major reasons – the clear superiority of Microsoft Office 365 as an enterprise solution and hidden costs of G Suite. Indeed, organization look for a trustworthy provider when transferring to the cloud, and, you know, who else but Microsoft..? Privacy, security … Continued

Backup Microsoft OneDrive: How and Why?

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How to backup Microsoft OneDrive? Why to backup Microsoft OneDrive? While the second question has a pretty simple answer, answering the first one might be still quite uneasy.   Although, we in UpSafe are sure that our Office 365 backup tool shows its best in OneDrive backup as well as corporate emails, contacts, calendar and … Continued

UpSafe: your Office 365 backup.


Office 365 is among the major business solutions to manage corporate mail and shared documents. This make Office 365 backup an essential task for every company, looking to secure their data. UpSafe Office 365 backup solution offers outstanding functionality, meeting the highest industry standards: our solution covers such services as Outlook (helps to enhance your … Continued

How to use Office 365 shared mailbox

Move a shared mailbox in Office 365 is a very convenient to that allows a group of people to send emails from a common account, such as If you reply to an email sent to the shared Office 365 mailbox your email looks as if it was sent from the shared email account, not … Continued

Office 365 email archiving issues


OutlOutlook This is a good option, because it allows you to clean your account without losing your data. You simply move it to the archive and get it out by request. But there are some problems with O365 archiving that you should be aware of.

How to add custom domain to Office 365


When you migrate all your IT infrastructure with all the emails and documents to Office 365 you should notify all your users about their new Office 365 email domain names, and this is where a problem may lie. Data migration always comes together with the risk to lose or to forget something on the way. … Continued