G Suite Backup Scenarios


G Suite backup – why even think of it if the files are already in the cloud? Don’t be too fast with your judgement though, check out some scenarios below: For user data, there are two basic reasons for backing it up: first, to recover from hard drive or SSD crashes, and second, to get … Continued

Protecting your Google documents after upload: google drive backup


So, you’ve uploaded some critically important documents to Google Drive Now – how can you ensure its safety? The first option that would come to one’s mind is to keep a printed copy, but in the age of cloud technologies we dare to offer a much more elegant solution: google drive backup. Upsafe Google drive … Continued

Cloud storage: How to Backup Google Drive?

backup google drive

If you’re thinking how to backup Google Drive you should have already faced data loss. So now you are facing a relatively wide choice of solutions, choosing what to use. We have no doubt that our solution to backup Google Drive – UpSafe G Suite backup has the best price/quality ratio.   We offer not … Continued

Google Docs tips: voice typing and Google Doc backup


Google Docs has released a new awesome feature: Voice Typing. You can fill as many pages as you need and hardly ever touch the keyboard. No more need for blind printing with timid peeping at the keyboard. Take your tablet or the notebook to the lecture and let GDocs write down all that the teacher … Continued

3 useful Google Docs tips: get more from the cloud technologies

If you have got used to on-premises MS Word and now have decided to move all your business data to Google Apps, you have made a right choice. Cloud computing is an inevitable innovation that every business should face, earlier or later. One of the problems you may come across is that your employees should … Continued

How to hide blocks of text when you share Google Docs file


Google Docs give us a wonderful opportunity to share your files with colleagues and collaborators. You can share Google Docs and give them different levels of access to your GDocument: they can either edit or only view it. But did you know that you could also hide some specific parts of the text from them? … Continued