Google Docs tips: voice typing and Google Doc backup


Google Docs has released a new awesome feature: Voice Typing. You can fill as many pages as you need and hardly ever touch the keyboard. No more need for blind printing with timid peeping at the keyboard. Take your tablet or the notebook to the lecture and let GDocs write down all that the teacher says.

In this article I will tell you how you can use it.

This new feature is located at the Tools tab.


Go to Tools – Voice Typing. The microphone button will appear above the text area. Just click on it and say whatever you wanted to type.

The voice typing does not block the usual typing. If you make a mistake you can simply click and correct it, you don’t have to switch off the microphone.

Voice typing is good, but how can GoogleDocs make out the sentences and put the commas and question marks where needed? Have no fear, Google has taken care of it, too. See the list of tha magic words that will help you with punctuation while voice typing:

  • “Period”
  • “Comma”
  • “Exclamation point”
  • “Question mark”
  • “New line”
  • “New paragraph”

Note that if you want to voice-type in different languages you will have to change the settings every time you do this (File -> Language). Otherwise Google Docs will not understand you.

If you share your Google Documents with colleagues make sure to double-check the security. Otherwise you may lose your GDocs data. The best way to protect your files and documents in the cloud is to perform regular cloud-to cloud Google Doc backup with apps like Upsafe Google Account backup tool.