Different ways to add images to your Google Docs


How skilled are you in using GoogleDocuments?

See the list of different ways to add a picture into your GDoc.

1. Insert the URL of an image into Google Doc.

Perhaps, it’s the first and the easiest thing you have thought of.

If you know the URL address of the picture you want to add simply go to Insert – Image – By URL and insert the link:


The picture is saved within your Google Docs account. So even if it is deleted from the website you took it from it will not disappear from your document.

2. Search for a Google image without leaving your Google Document

GDocs has an awesome feature of the advanced research. Go to Tools – Research. The tab will open on your right where you can select what exactly you want to find, a picture, a quote or anything else.

So what you need to do is to select Images, find what you need and simply drag-and-drop it into your file:


3. Edit the image right in your document

Right click on the image – Image options.

You can recolor the picture, edit its brightness and contrast.

Of course, this instrument cannot be compared with professional image editing tools but it can be handy when you need to perform some changes quickly.

edit-filter-image-in-google-docs-1 edit-filter-image-in-google-docs-2