3 useful Google Docs tips: get more from the cloud technologies

If you have got used to on-premises MS Word and now have decided to move all your business data to Google Apps, you have made a right choice. Cloud computing is an inevitable innovation that every business should face, earlier or later. One of the problems you may come across is that your employees should get used to the new Google Apps interface which is different from on-premises software. With new options new threats arise, so you should also backup and archive Google Docs.

So here are some tips for you on how to work with Google Docs. Perhaps these cool features will finally convince you that you are an oa right way.

Tip #1. Search for additional menu commands

In Google Docs if you cannot find the command you need among all these drop-down menus (how soon, I wonder, Google will implement MS Office-like commands navigation?) you can simply type the name of this command in the search field which is located under Help tab of the top menu.


Tip #2. Manage repeated text

If you have to type the same text over and over again while working on a Google document you can create a short substitute and insert this text with this command.

Go to Tools -> Preferences. You can see there different symbols which you do not have on your keyboard but which you can easily insert into your online document by typing a corresponding command.

(c) -> ©

You can create your own substitute there.


Now you only need to type your own abbreviation and press space. The text will appear automatically.

Tip #3. Increase your cloud data safety: backup and archive Google Docs

It is well known that when many people work together on the same document online some part of data can be easily lost. To prevent this situation you can perform regular Google Apps backup with applications like Upsafe. If you lose some part or the whole document you will be able to easily restore it, but only if you regularly back up and archive Google Docs.