13 Steps to Prepare for GDPR to Take Right Now.


General Data Protection Regulation (also known as GDPR), that came into effect on the  25th of May 2018, poses new standards of operating with data. Here are some steps we recommend: Awareness. Make sure you and every other decision-maker or influencer in your company is aware of what exactly is going to change. Information audit. Check what … Continued

UpSafe Helps Saving Lives

g suite backup

Hero HQ, provides the highest quality first aid training. Based in Pakenham, Australia, they believe it is the standard of instruction coupled with exceptional customer service that truly sets them apart in their industry. Hero HQ’s vision drives every aspect of their business, from initial contact right through to training; they aim to exceed all expectations … Continued

UpSafe G Suite Backup App Verified by Google!

G Suite Backup

UpSafe G Suite backup solution has long been trusted by our customers, providing a remarkable level of security and data loss protection. Nevertheless, during the last month we were in process of OAuth verification with Google to make our solution even more trustworthy, especially in the eyes of new & potential clients. Our clients can, having … Continued

Protecting your Google documents after upload: google drive backup


So, you’ve uploaded some critically important documents to Google Drive Now – how can you ensure its safety? The first option that would come to one’s mind is to keep a printed copy, but in the age of cloud technologies we dare to offer a much more elegant solution: google drive backup. Upsafe Google drive … Continued

Cheaper alternative to Backupify G Suite backup.

Backupify g suite backup solution is one of the market leaders, offering a functional G Suite backup solution. Its functionality includes scheduled backups, retention policy, gmail,contacts backup, which is a 100% industry standard. Although, is this the only option? Is there a good alternative to Backupify solution? UpSafe team clearly answers: yes! Indeed, UpSafe G … Continued

UpSafe @ InfoSecurityNA in October


UpSafe team is proud to announce that we (at least some of us) are going to show up at InfosecurityNA event on the 4th and 5th of October 2017! Being one of the major infosecurity forums, the upcoming event will let us introduce our latest developments straight to the public. We are planning to bring some … Continued

UpSafe Cloud Backup: BackBlaze B2 compatibility coming soon.

We constantly work to improve our UpSafe cloud backup solution. So, in the nearest future we are releasing the new,  BackBlaze B2-compatible version of our UpSafe cloud backup solution. Indeed, it is not only technical perfection, but also flexibility that makes a good software solution. In this regard, it is critically important for us to widen … Continued

New features in UpSafe corporate G Suite backup and Office 365 backup

Upsafe team is consistently working to improve the performance of our corporate G Suite backup and Office 365 backup solutions. We are constantly working through the functional requests we receive from our clients. We put maximum effort to make our corporate G Suite backup, Office 365 backup solutions meet our clients needs. So, here’s the … Continued

Google G Suite backup and 5 more cool things you can do with it

Google Drive is that file storage service which is the part of Google G Suite. Google Drive is often considered only as Google Docs that include Google Sheets and online presentations. It works similar to Dropbox and other online file-sharing services, but it has much more cool features. In today’s article I want to tell … Continued