UpSafe Cloud Backup: BackBlaze B2 compatibility coming soon.

We constantly work to improve our UpSafe cloud backup solution. So, in the nearest future we are releasing the new,  BackBlaze B2-compatible version of our UpSafe cloud backup solution.

Indeed, it is not only technical perfection, but also flexibility that makes a good software solution.

In this regard, it is critically important for us to widen the range of compatible storages. Our team is currently at the final stage of completing BackBlaze B2-compatible version of our cloud backup solutions.

As we position our product as the most affordable corporate G suite / O365 backup, it was an issue of major importance for us to make our cloud backup solution compatible with one of the most affordable storage services, which is BackBlaze B2.

The first compatible version is scheduled to be released next week.

UpSafe is constantly working to improve your experience with our solutions.


UpSafe Team.