UpSafe G Suite Backup App Verified by Google!

G Suite Backup

UpSafe G Suite backup solution has long been trusted by our customers, providing a remarkable level of security and data loss protection.

Nevertheless, during the last month we were in process of OAuth verification with Google to make our solution even more trustworthy, especially in the eyes of new & potential clients.

Our clients can, having found our app on Google G Suite Market , can now seamlessly access it and be sure they’re using a 100% trustworthy software.

For those, who are still considering whether to become our clients: Upsafe Backup provides the best backup solution for Google G Suite (corporate Gmail backup) It helps you ensure the critical data from your SaaS application and allows you to focus on what really matters for your business & projects. In a few clicks you can set up the solution and just start your Google G Suite backup.

Our backup covers Gmail, Contacts, Calendar, Drive and TeamDrives, utilizing 256-bit AES encryption for maximum security with the options of either full or granular recovery.

We work for your security

UpSafe team