UpDates. Vol X, Summer 2019

It’s been over 6 months since our last “UpDates” volume. Much has been done to improve the speed and stability with which our system works, but that’s not something we could write about: another 10% better/faster/stronger is not something we believe you would like to read about. At last, we’ve released a couple of very … Continued

SharePoint UpDates: Opening a Pandora’s Box

SharePoint updates make our user experience more and more sleek, while every SharePoint update is a Pandora’s box. Here are some tips to be prepared for the calamities: Plan it out No matter what method you choose, you’re bound to have down-time in one form or another. Whether it’s a full farm outage or a … Continued

Applying SharePoint to SMBs


Many small businesses have already appreciated applying Office 365 to create documents. This suite contains such well-known programs as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access that are cloud-based. Office 365 is a good choice for small businesses to create documents, as these programs have almost the same functionality and usability as their desktop counterparts. Here are … Continued

How to Recover a File in SharePoint


If you’re using SharePoint Online (part of Office 365) there are some implications when it comes to restoring files, libraries, or sites if something bad happens. In this post, I explain how to recover from when you mistakenly delete stuff, when things go corrupt, or, you know, those inventible times when content seems to grow … Continued

Microsoft Sharepoint: Comparing to Microsoft OneDrive

microsoft sharepoint

Microsoft Sharepoint and OneDrive for Business have a lot in common yet there is a set of unique features which makes the former a more sophisticated teamworking tool. OneDrive is an onlineplatform designed to store files and documents of every possible kind. Usually its users/consumers are those who have a need for safe place to store important … Continued

UpSafe Sharepoint Security Practices


Being conscientious of SharePoint security is simple if you understand the basics. SharePoint is a Microsoft platform which is designed to integrate with Microsoft Office. Microsoft launched the product in 2001. SharePoint is useful for thousands of organizations worldwide because it facilitates sharing documents on private web servers. SharePoint security can be increased through deployment … Continued

Restore Sharepoint in One Click with UpSafe Backup!

restore sharepoint

Microsoft Sharepoint is among the most sophisticated enterprise-level collaboration tools. Therefore to restore Sharepoint folders within the structure has been one of the most requested features for our customers. Now UpSafe offers an effective and elegant solution – Restore Sharepoint feature with our Office 365 Backup for Businesses solution. Our newly released Restore Sharepoint feature … Continued

Backupify Sharepoint backup VS UpSafe Sharepoint backup


Backupify Sharepoint backup is one of the leading solutions on the market. Indeed, it is a very capable solution, covering sites, document libraries, templates and assets. Overall, protecting your Sharepoint environment is crucial, because, being actively used, Sharepoint contains the whole knowledge base of your company, all of your intellectual capital. Therefore, the easiest choice is … Continued

How to make full SharePoint backup?


SharePoint backup is one of key problems faced by admins all over the Web. We at UpSafe know how important it is to re-store SharePoint sites and ensure business continuity. UpSafe cloud backup tool is specificly designed to prevent data loss (including sharepoint) and make sure that none of your sharepoint sites will be lost … Continued

Is there somehow I can setup a way to make a backup of our Documents in SharePoint on a regular base?


Every now and then we face such requests on StackExchange. Sharepoint is one of the most advanced tools of seamless corporate online cooperation. Taking into consideration its importance, sharepoint backup becomes absolutely vital. The easiest and most optimum way to backup Sharepoint is to use UpSafe Cloud Backup for Office 365. Using our solution you’ll never … Continued