Backupify Sharepoint backup VS UpSafe Sharepoint backup


Backupify Sharepoint backup is one of the leading solutions on the market.

Indeed, it is a very capable solution, covering sites, document libraries, templates and assets.

Overall, protecting your Sharepoint environment is crucial, because, being actively used, Sharepoint contains the whole knowledge base of your company, all of your intellectual capital.

Therefore, the easiest choice is to subscribe to Backupify Sharepoint backup and rely on its reputation.


Although, I’m here to address those who look for the most optimal decision, not the easiest one!

We, UpSafe team, know how important it is to cut the expenses, especially for small and medium-sized businesses.

Why? The answer is simple – we are an SME as well, and that’s why we know exactly what we need to offer to our comrades.


Just think – you are getting full Backupify sharepoint backup functionality + Office 365 backup for an even lower price! The lowest on the market.


Don’t overpay for brand names.


Choose UpSafe .