Microsoft Sharepoint: Comparing to Microsoft OneDrive

microsoft sharepoint

Microsoft Sharepoint and OneDrive for Business have a lot in common yet there is a set of unique features which makes the former a more sophisticated teamworking tool.

OneDrive is an onlineplatform designed to store files and documents of every possible kind. Usually its users/consumers are those who have a need for safe place to store important pieces data. OneDrive indeed has such functions as sharing and versioning which makes it possible to work through it. *Here we are focusing on TeamDrive for business version.

Microsoft SharePoint has been designed to let a number of professionals work together on a specific project at the same time. Starting as a standalone solution, Sharepoint got merged with Office 365 by Microsoft, the creator of both of those solutions.  Office 365 as a cloud co-working instrument, includes both SharePoint features and the OneDrive storage platform, making those available on any device from the cloud.

Microsoft SharePoint offers you and your colleagues a collaborative workspace with dashboards, calendars, tasks, notifications, and updates. Microsoft SharePoint platform keeps these located in a central portal associated with company sites. You can set up a Microsoft SharePoint site for each of your teams to access, with dashboards that give team and company notifications. You can also set up a corporate portal where searchable company-wide libraries and notifications live. Assign each employee a security level to allow access.

All in all, reagrdless  of what you choose to be your collaboration and storage “weapon of choice” – it needs to be kept as safe as it gets!

Micrsoft has given us a fantastic toolset to work and create together, yet it is our esponsibility to look after the information we keep there, to guard the fruits of collaboration.

UpSafe Bakup has been designed to protect your data, and not just OneDrive and Microsoft Sharepoint,  but also your emails, contacts and even calendars!

We work for your safety.


UpSafe Team