6 Easy Steps to SharePoint Security

Control User Access with Permissions SharePoint has built-in security features that, as a Site Administrator, allow you to control who has access to sites and/or specific content – including monitoring exact documents and seeing when they were accessed. Every individual site is part of a Site Collection – a group formed in a hierarchical structure … Continued

Microsoft Office 365 Protection: Malware


Emails we all receive daily the most common sources of malware and ransomware, and protecting against these cyber threats is a critical concern for most organisations. In the past, the easiest and arguably most effective way of protecting email at enterprise level was to use a specialist third-party service. These days, organisations using Microsoft Office 365 … Continued

Office 365, the enterprise industry leader.

Office 365

Enterprises worldwide choose Office 365 instead of G Suite by Google. There are 2 major reasons – the clear superiority of Microsoft Office 365 as an enterprise solution and hidden costs of G Suite. Indeed, organization look for a trustworthy provider when transferring to the cloud, and, you know, who else but Microsoft..? Privacy, security … Continued

Deploy office 365 in your organization: breaking psychological barriers


Though cloud computing has already got quite deep into our life there are still some companies that have implemented neither Google Apps, nor Office 365, nor any other cloud technologies due to the conservative view of their employees who are used to the desktop applications. So what should an IT manager do to implement cloud technologies … Continued

Google Apps vs Office 365: pros and cons


Google and Microsoft, the two IT giants of the modern world. Which one should a businessman choose? Who should he rely his data to? Would it be Office 365 as the Microsoft extension with its everlasting IT expertise or would it be a user-friendly Google apps that are open for all the new market tendencies? … Continued

How to add custom domain to Office 365


When you migrate all your IT infrastructure with all the emails and documents to Office 365 you should notify all your users about their new Office 365 email domain names, and this is where a problem may lie. Data migration always comes together with the risk to lose or to forget something on the way. … Continued

How to protect your Office 365 data from migration errors


Office365 is a really robust cloud solution with strong security. There is no chance for hackers to break into your account unless your employees grant the access to the outsiders. Still the data loss may occur while migrating data from your local servers or other cloud-based applications like Google Apps. Office365 users usually migrate their … Continued

How to migrate your Google Calendar to Office365


Moving all your data from one service to another can become a nightmare if there are no integration options. Luckily Office365 and Google Drive have something in common. So here are the instructions on how to move all your GCalendar data to Microsoft Office cloud solution.