Google Apps vs Office 365: pros and cons


Google and Microsoft, the two IT giants of the modern world. Which one should a businessman choose? Who should he rely his data to? Would it be Office 365 as the Microsoft extension with its everlasting IT expertise or would it be a user-friendly Google apps that are open for all the new market tendencies?

The choice is hard and there’d better be someone with experience to give an appropriate advice. Companies get involved with cloud technologies more and more every day. Google Apps and Office365 are the two leaders of this market and you should know all their pros and cons to make the right choice.

We have already compared Outlook and Gmail. Today we will take a broader look at these two systems.

Administrative dashboard

Office 365 remains the leader in this question. The admin’s dashboard is plain and user-friendly while the Google Apps’ control panel is filled with third-party applications and advertisements that draw your attention away and make it harder to concentrate on your work.

User Management

Microsoft has such apps included in its suite as Lync, Office and Sharepoint. All of them are specifically designed for managing users and their data. Office365 allows you to create separate owners with granular admin permissions

The GApps users are not so lucky and need additional help to orient in the platform. THe administrator needs to create each user individually from the control panel.

Mobile management

Office365 rules here with no doubt as it gives you a way to manage all your applications through your smartphone.

Google apps are available only with Android, and it should be version 2.2 and higher.

Still both mobile applications are not so user-friendly and may be really confusing for usual non-IT people.

Chatting with your colleagues

Though Hangouts have become really popular and are commonly used for work chatting it can become a real issue when it comes to video-calls, because you need to have a Google+ account to be able to do that.

Office365 on the contrary offers this feature in the pack with all others, no need for any additional motion.

Also Hangouts limit you with 10 people-conversation, you cannot invite more. But Lync’s limit is 250.


So it turns out to be that Office 365 gains all the glory and is a better choice for big companies. Google on the contrary would work better for startups and small teams.

No matter where your choice would lie you should always keep in mind that cloud solutions are no safety panacea and you should take additional precautions to be sure of your data security. Back up your Office 365 and Google Apps with third-party applications like Upsafe and only then you may be 100% sure that your data is at no risk.