How to migrate Google Calendar to Office 365


We have already mentioned why Office 365 is better for business than Google apps in one of the previous articles. But if you have been using GApps for a long time and now you have decided to migrate Google Calendar to Office 365 you might want to take all your Googledata with you. It is … Continued

Office 365 and Google Apps: pricing and licensing


Different companies have different needs. Office 365 provides you with different levels of support according to the plan you select. The cloud solution is much more secure than keeping your data locally but there are other security issues you may come across. To avoid them you shoud perform Office 365 cloud backup. In this article I … Continued

7 reasons why you should choose Google Apps

Google has grown much over the past several years and remains at the spear of the newest technologies. Now it is one of the biggest cloud software provider, their only big competitor is Office 365 that is a natural extension of Microsoft on-premises software suite. The company understands that too many people around the world handle … Continued