7 reasons why you should choose Google Apps

Google has grown much over the past several years and remains at the spear of the newest technologies. Now it is one of the biggest cloud software provider, their only big competitor is Office 365 that is a natural extension of Microsoft on-premises software suite.

The company understands that too many people around the world handle their private data to the cloud and does all that should be done to enhance security Google.

See what Google does to provide you with the safest cloud technology imaginable.

Meet security Google

  • Google data centers are defended by advanced physical security controls, and access to data is controlled at many levels.
  • Google does not put all the eggs into one basket. Google keeps clients’ data in parts across many servers and across many data centers to both increase reliability and provide greater safety than you can get if you store all information on a single server. When different fragments are stored in different places, the chance to lose the data due to a physical or computer-based compromise become negligible.
  • Google carries out software patching quickly across identical server stacks to help users get updates with the latest patches. This substantially brings down the deployment workload for IT staff.
  • Admins can set individual access for documents, calendars, sheets and other types of information that are stored in the cloud to different users.
  • Google regularly performs security operations that help to detect security threats across the web long before they really kick and prepare appropriate defenses.
  • Google has strong teams of security professionals that protect your data through night and day.

Google is good at protecting the users against external threats, that’s true. But the system cannot protect the user from himself. If you occasionally delete the data that you may need later on it will be deleted anyway. The best way to enhance your security Google is to regularly back up your Google account with free applications like Upsafe.