Applying SharePoint to SMBs


Many small businesses have already appreciated applying Office 365 to create documents. This suite contains such well-known programs as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access that are cloud-based. Office 365 is a good choice for small businesses to create documents, as these programs have almost the same functionality and usability as their desktop counterparts. Here are … Continued

How to Recover a File in SharePoint


If you’re using SharePoint Online (part of Office 365) there are some implications when it comes to restoring files, libraries, or sites if something bad happens. In this post, I explain how to recover from when you mistakenly delete stuff, when things go corrupt, or, you know, those inventible times when content seems to grow … Continued

UpDates. Vol IX, February 2019


UpSafe has done a lot of improvements into our Office 365 Backup and G Suite Backup systems in February. Here are some of the most significant things we managed to improve during the last month: Our system can now keep original Modification date for restored OneDrive, Google Drive, SharePoint and Team Drives items, reducing the amount … Continued

Office 365 Backup: Threats. Part I.


Office 365 backup as a topic in general has emerged recently, because of many companies’ use of this agile and extremely capable collaboration network. Although, great opportunities bring great risks: keeping all of your data, including even the most valuable one, in one place is a threat as such, and the fact that it’s “in … Continued

UpSafe Office 365 Recovery Platform


With Office 365 and Office 365 recovery, users get all of the capabilities offered by Microsoft Exchange on-premises, like OneDrive and SharePoint, along with the added benefit of accessing their data from multiple devices. Team collaboration is streamlined, as users can see edits happening in real time. Office 365 offers users easy access to data … Continued

UpDates. Vol III, August 2018


Here’s the second entry of our monthly digest. UpSafe has done a lot of improvements into our Office 365 Backup and G Suite Backup systems in August. Here are some of the most significant things we managed to improve during the last month: Sharepoint restore We’ve upgraded our Sharepoint restore mechanisms, making the restore process … Continued

UpSafe Office 365 Backup with GDPR compliance.


Office 365 backup has lately become an inevitable part of any company’s route to 100% GDPR compliance. UpSafe Office 365 backup is a perfect tool to protect your company’s data and meet the regulation’s requirements for 5 major reasons: Easy-to-Manage Data Retention Policies Article 6 of GDRP requires a strategic plan for storing data about … Continued

GDPR-compliant Office 365 Backup. The right to be forgotten.

office 365 backup

Here’s another entry on our set of articles about GDPR-compliant Office 365 backup. The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a big, complex law, and, as is only natural, some elements appear to contradict each other. One of those contradictions involves arguably the most notorious aspect of the GDPR: the right to erasure (also … Continued

Restore Sharepoint in One Click with UpSafe Backup!

restore sharepoint

Microsoft Sharepoint is among the most sophisticated enterprise-level collaboration tools. Therefore to restore Sharepoint folders within the structure has been one of the most requested features for our customers. Now UpSafe offers an effective and elegant solution – Restore Sharepoint feature with our Office 365 Backup for Businesses solution. Our newly released Restore Sharepoint feature … Continued

Office 365, the enterprise industry leader.

Office 365

Enterprises worldwide choose Office 365 instead of G Suite by Google. There are 2 major reasons – the clear superiority of Microsoft Office 365 as an enterprise solution and hidden costs of G Suite. Indeed, organization look for a trustworthy provider when transferring to the cloud, and, you know, who else but Microsoft..? Privacy, security … Continued