Sharepoint Backup: Common Threats and Practices

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Office 365 is one of the leading business-oriented cooperation tools, and therefore cloud SharePoint backup has recently become a highly demanded service due to a number of factors: Most frequent data loss cases As you might have guessed, all of those can be described as human factor: mistakes and misconfigurations as well as intentional harmful … Continued

UpDates. Vol I, June 2018


UpSafe has done a lot of improvements into our Office 365 Backup and G Suite Backup systems. We decided that it would be a good idea to keep in touch with you, our audience, to keep you updated on what’s new @ UpSafe. Here’s what we managed to improve during the last month:   We have … Continued

GDPR-compliant Microsoft OneDrive Backup: UpSafe

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Microsoft OneDrive has secured its place as one of the major tools of hosting data in the cloud, that can be accessed by any of a specific Microsoft account’s owners. Lots of companies use it to store valuable data so it’s no surprise that OneDrive backup has become an issue of major relevance lately. Microsoft … Continued

New features in UpSafe corporate G Suite backup and Office 365 backup

Upsafe team is consistently working to improve the performance of our corporate G Suite backup and Office 365 backup solutions. We are constantly working through the functional requests we receive from our clients. We put maximum effort to make our corporate G Suite backup, Office 365 backup solutions meet our clients needs. So, here’s the … Continued