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Microsoft OneDrive has secured its place as one of the major tools of hosting data in the cloud, that can be accessed by any of a specific Microsoft account’s owners. Lots of companies use it to store valuable data so it’s no surprise that OneDrive backup has become an issue of major relevance lately.

Microsoft has a number of in-built features to protect data stored in OneDrive:

Covering its own back, Microsoft spreads your files around different datacenters, so if an outage or disaster should occur at one, data is still available at another geographical location in the same region. Additionally, OneDrive for Business and SharePoint support previous versions, allowing users to roll back to previously saved versions of documents. Deleted documents can be restored from the Office 365 portal for up to 30 days, assuming they haven’t been manually purged from the Recycle Bin.

While files often get synchronized to client devices so that users can work offline, the cloud data represents a single source of truth, i.e., cloud storage hosts master copies of files, maintaining up-to-date versions of files that are edited offline and across different devices, to avoid situations where multiple versions of files are generated, and any one of them could be deemed the most current – think email attachment hell.

As such, it’s a best practice to back up directly from cloud storage rather than offline synchronized copies of SharePoint sites or OneDrive for Business that users might have stored on their devices. It’s also worth noting that an offline files alone don’t constitute a backup. When a file is deleted in the cloud, the synchronized offline copy also gets removed. (source)

All of the mechanisms mentioned above increase the security of OneDrive usage but none of them compares to OneDrive backup into the cloud, provided by UpSafe.

UpSafe OneDrive backup covers such cases as malware/ransomware attacks, loss of access and deliberate or occasional deletion of files by employees (AKA threat from within).

It’s also worth mentioning that OneDrive backup is a part of complex UpSafe Office 365 backup solution, covering also emails, calendars, contacts and Sharepoint.

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