On June 30, Microsoft Office 365 outage prevented some clients’ emails from delivery in USA

Just before the July 4th long weekend an outage occurred to Office 365. This outage affected some business users. Some Office 365 customers begin to notice that they are outgoing emails stopped to be delivered and begin to pile up, while the incoming emails slowed down. It would be wise to suppose that some of the emails were lost, which made IT administrators look for Office 365 backup solutions to prevent such a disaster in the future.

On June 30, Twitter got filled with users’ complaints about Exchange Online and Office 365, as these services were unresponsive. However the complaint slow when down after 5 p.m. EDT as people were leaving for the holidays. Most of the users that were affected by this outage were clustered around the New York City.

The trouble couldn’t have come at a worse time for some business users. It was the middle of the day and the end of the sales quarter. Losing the access to your mailbox under such circumstances can be disastrous. It may impact the sales and destroy your relationships with your partners.

As the number of Microsoft Office 365 users is growing with every year such outages will be happening more often in the nearest future. Email remains the most popular form of communication in work environments, and even 5 minutes’ downtime can make you lose thousands of dollars. Email availability is really crucial for most of the companies nowadays.

Office 365 backup solutions

Implementing Office 365 backup solutions into your business processes can improve the situation. How would it help in this specific case? Without access to your Office 365 mailbox you wouldn’t be able to communicate with your business partners. But if you have a reserve copy of all your emails elsewhere you would be able to access the necessary data.

Upsafe Office 365 cloud backup tool can help you to automate this process. This tool is specifically designed for backing up Office 365 mailbox and other parts of this service, such as OneDrive, contacts, calendar and SharePoint. Sign up using your corporate Office 365 account to test the advanced options of your cloud security.