Key OneDrive Business Features

Here are two key features to choose OneDrive:  Document Scanning to OneDrive With document scanning it’s easy to create digital copies of paper documents, receipts, business cards or whiteboard notes, for example. All you need is a mobile device; simply scan the hard copy in question using your device’s camera. What’s more, multiple pages or … Continued

OneDrive: New Sharing Features

OneDrive simplifies sharing files — especially for large files in specialised file formats, like CAD files and other complex illustrations that need their own viewers (or the expensive original software). OneDrive’s web front-end solves that problem with its built-in preview tools, making it easy to see files anywhere and share them with colleagues. You don’t … Continued

OneDrive for Business Features

Considering picking up OneDrive for Business as your major collaboration tool? Here are a couple of features that will help you make the right decision: Storage Device storage is a precious commodity that most users are hesitant to give up. In the past, OneDrive would ask you jeopardize “my precious” device storage, as accessing a … Continued

Microsoft OneDrive: Three Major Features.

Here are some Microsoft OneDrive features you, dear business owners, might find useful: 1. File Sharing As you might have expected, OneDrive will allow you to share and send files to your co-workers. It is the foundation of the service and this feature is very popular among the users. You need to have a Microsoft … Continued