OneDrive for Business Features

Considering picking up OneDrive for Business as your major collaboration tool? Here are a couple of features that will help you make the right decision:


Device storage is a precious commodity that most users are hesitant to give up. In the past, OneDrive would ask you jeopardize “my precious” device storage, as accessing a single file required you to download your entire OneDrive library.

Depending on the size of your OneDrive library this could have a significant impact on your device’s storage; eating up valuable storage space and potentially slowing down your device. Thankfully, Microsoft has addressed this issue with a new functionality with the ability to download a single file from OneDrive as needed, without having to download your whole library.


Losing access to important business documents is a nightmare we’d opt to avoid at all costs. Unfortunately, risks do exist, including deletion, corruption and malware infection. Microsoft has addressed these risks with a new OneDrive feature called File Restore. OneDrive for business clients now offers File Restore to provide users with the possibility to undo changes or actions applied to both files and folders by restoring their OneDrive to a date within the previous 30 days, a guaranteed 30-day Accident Protection for your employees.

Imagine the unified sigh of relief your IT team will breath knowing this protection is in place. Not only does this provide peace of mind, but also lessens the burden on your IT department to help them make the more efficient.  Previous to OneDrive File Restore, it was necessary for IT departments to backup each individual employee’s OneDrive account – an incredibly onerous undertaking, especially for smaller IT teams.

With File Restore, there is no need for the IT department to be involved. Microsoft keeps a 30 day back of each OneDrive account that can be requested directly by the user, no IT team involvement or troubleshooting required.   (source)


UpSafe Office 365 backup helps you apply an additional level of security to your most valuable OneDrive data, as well as extend the 30 day retention to forever!

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