Microsoft OneDrive: Three Major Features.

Here are some Microsoft OneDrive features you, dear business owners, might find useful:

1. File Sharing

As you might have expected, OneDrive will allow you to share and send files to your co-workers. It is the foundation of the service and this feature is very popular among the users. You need to have a Microsoft account in order to access your OneDrive storage. Once you upload a file, it will be private so only you can view the contents.

There is a share icon next to your file and you can select it to either send the direct link to your co-workers or allow them to access the file via e-mail. You can also allow them to edit your file, or you can “lock it up” and select the view only option. We really like the fact that you can make the file private again, or restrict access to specific co-workers if needed.

2. Syncing

If you use OneDrive on multiple computers and some of them do not have enough free storage space, you don’t have to sync every single folder to it and make the situation even worse. Instead, you have an option to choose the exact files and folders that will be synced to a particular device. Of course, you need to have OneDrive application installed on your computer in order to do so.

Selecting the folders is quite easy. Once you install the application, you will notice a small OneDrive icon in your tray. (source)

3. Backup

UpSafe Office 365 backup helps you apply an additional level of security to your most valuable SharePoint.

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