Team Drive and Google Drive: Pros and Cons


Team Drive used to be the most anticipated G Suite feature before its release in early 2017. Although When you actually start sorting out your data there comes a choice between normal “My Drive” folders and Team Drives. Which one is better? As you might have guessed there is no clear answer to this question: … Continued

Comparison: Google Drive vs Google TeamDrive

In terms of file management and maintenance G Suite offers two interconnected solutions: Google Drive and Google TeamDrive. The question I am looking to answer in this article is the following: does Google TeamDrive produce any value for customers’ in corporate usage, compared to simply Google Drive. Although the main difference between them might see … Continued

Urgent tasks: Team Drive Backup (Importing Spaces).

team drive backup

We keep on posting answers for frequently asked questions regarding team drive backup. In this article Kenneth explains how to make a backup locally in a 5-step (!) process. Indeed, it’s a viable solution yet we think that it is not optimal. At the same time we’re here to bring you the most optimal solution: UpSafe … Continued