Comparison: Google Drive vs Google TeamDrive

In terms of file management and maintenance G Suite offers two interconnected solutions: Google Drive and Google TeamDrive.

The question I am looking to answer in this article is the following: does Google TeamDrive produce any value for customers’ in corporate usage, compared to simply Google Drive.

Although the main difference between them might see pretty straight forward: documents you keep in your Google Drive are for your personal use unless you share them with your colleagues.

Meanwhile,. Google TeamDrive keeps the documents that “belong to the company” and can be seen by all the employees by default.

Yet there is a number of functional differences, that I’d like to point out:
  • Decentralized storage architecture, ensuring even more security
  • Google TeamDrive lets you launch your own server
  • Unlike Google Drive, it does not provide as many restrictions


Although this is supplemented by considerable difference on “technical” side of this matter.

TeamDrive 256 bit AES (encryption method, working end-to-end) to protect your most secret and valuable data, which as such is a valuable feature that lets you forget about a significant portion of threats.


The encryption happens automatically, once the file has been uploaded, which lets you consider something uploaded to or stored in Google TeamDrive safe.

Meanwhile – this encryption does not protect from both outer cryptovirus threat, which deprives you of access to your files, and human factor threat from the inside, including deleting items by mistake, as well as deliberate sabotage.


Indeed, there is a need for additional security layer, a backup, that would ensure the safety of your files – no matter what happens!

Our solution lets you not just secure your Drives, but also cover your emails, calendars, stored in G Suite, and even contacts without putting any additional effort, solving 4 problems at the cost of just one!


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