Why should I send Outlook emails to archive


You are limited by 25Gb by your Office 365 Outlook email box. And if you receive tons of emails everyday with large attachments earlier or later your space will run out. You will receive a notification that your space is about to finish. But how can it help if you will not know where to … Continued

Office 365 email archiving issues


OutlOutlook This is a good option, because it allows you to clean your account without losing your data. You simply move it to the archive and get it out by request. But there are some problems with O365 archiving that you should be aware of.

Outlook vs Gmail: pros and cons to make a decision


Google and Microsoft have been the kings of the email world for a while already and they have developed many different features which have both pros and cons. And still many people and organizations simply use it and do not even think of any alternatives feeling pleased with what they have at the moment. If … Continued