Why should I send Outlook emails to archive


You are limited by 25Gb by your Office 365 Outlook email box. And if you receive tons of emails everyday with large attachments earlier or later your space will run out. You will receive a notification that your space is about to finish. But how can it help if you will not know where to bulk your old emails?

And what if your company must give access to its mailbox for the governance auditors? If you cannot grant them access to your data you will be penalized.

The solution is quite easy. You should archive your O365 mailbox and keep the reserve copy in the cloud. See the benefits you may get.

Storage management

The first and the most obvious archiving benefit is the chance to get around the storage limitations. Local MS Exchange email systems can occupy tremendous storage resources, especially if the company has also set up archive mailboxes for each user. This is why Office 365 administrators enforce limitations for users’ mailboxes. Third-party email backup and archiving tools can save you large amounts of storage by copying all your emails to the cloud and purging them from your MS mailbox.

Improving performance

Neither Outlook nor any other email system has ever been designed as a huge file management system. These ever growing business requirements for large attachments can cause destructive effect on the whole MS email system.

One of the biggest benefits of implying a third-party email archiving tool is to clean the email server of emails and attachments so that the service level agreement (SLA) would not be violated.

Users’ productivity

As Office administrators restrict their users with the storage amount, the workers have to find their own way around for archiving their data. They store their data in many various places like the hard drives, USB devices and personal cloud storage. And if they ever need any of the archived emails again they would spend hours to find what they need instead of doing something more productive. Sometimes when they cannot find the emails they need they have to recreate the data all over again which can be even more time-consuming.
How can an IT manager solve all these issues? The best way to manage your archived Office 365 mailbox is to send its reserve copies to the unified cloud with third-party Office 365 backup tools like Upsafe. Try it for free and see how easy it has become to back up and find the archived emails later on.