Google Team Drives Usability


Team Drives is an amazing cloud collaboration instrument. Let’s have a look on some of it’s numerous applications.


Onboarding new hires is easier

In any organization, when new employees are recruited, they are subjected to training after which they are given their access to work and other organizational resources. This process can be cumbersome as the new hires are initially to be given access to just training material, which will change at a later point in time. Using Team Drives, these roles, permissions, and accesses to the data and files can be very easily managed. For instance, all the group of trainees can be added to one group during their training and can later be moved to their respective Team Drives.

Easy to manage and organize files and folders

Files can be placed in folders and can be managed, organized, and accessed at a granular level.

Accesses and permissions can be easily managed and monitored

Team Drives is one of the few collaboration tools available that offers a wide set of predefined roles and accesses. It also allows users to customize new roles and permissions. Every role and access can be easily managed, modified, and monitored at any point in time.

The use of machine learning can boost productivity

Google has started implementing machine learning techniques in its products. Accordingly, Team Drives also comes with machine learning algorithms under the hood. This helps users get quick access to the files on which they are most likely to be working on. This saves a lot of valuable productive time and also saves resources as it doesn’t need metadata of the data, which is quite a time-consuming process.

Google Team Drives offers compelling means of collaboration with ease of data management, sharing, and monitoring. It comes with a minimalistic yet intuitive user interference and is backed by machine learning techniques behind the scenes. Considering all these features and Google’s support, Team Drives is a handy collaborative tool for companies of all sizes.

Business continuity

Confining a file to one particular employee ensures that the data in the file stays intact but what if the employee leaves the organization? Determining a file owner when an employee quits an organization can be really troublesome.

With Team Drives, the ownership of a file will not be confined to one specific user. Instead, all team members with the right set of roles and permissions can access the file, even in the absence of the file creator, so tracking down the information and passing on the information becomes hassle-free. Team Drives is meant to increase collaboration in the enterprises and ensures business continuity. (source)


Google Team Drives + UpSafe Backup

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