Why should I back up Google Documents?

In the era of cloud technologies more and more companies move their data to the cloud platforms, such as Google Apps for work and Office 365. Apart from collaboration these platforms give you much bigger security than you would be able to perform on your own. But still you should back up your corporate Google apps. Why would I do this, you are going to ask of me. What can happen to the data when it is already in the cloud? In this article I will tell you about some cases when you should perform the backup to be able to restore Google apps.

What can happen to your Google Apps data

  1. Human factor. Google Drive allows you to restore Google apps within 30 days since the data was deleted. Administrators have some more time, 20 days more, but still after that period the files will be deleted from the trash folder forever. So if an  the files that he has access to, or change them, or otherwise destroy the work that you are storing in the cloud, this may cost you much money.
  2. Emergency. Google apps work in a quite stable way, mostly. Still the glitches occur even here. How much will it cost to you if you lose the access to your Google Apps data in the end of the quarter? What if you lose the critical data because of the Google apps glitches forever?
  3. Offline access. If there are 2 users working on one computer and sharing the same folder in Google Drive that they have the offline access on this specific machine they may come across some peculiar accidents. Imagine the following situation. There are two user accounts on one machine, but the offline Google Drive is synchronized only with one of their accounts. If the other one creates a file in the Google drive folder it will not be synchronized with the cloud and the data will be lost.
  4. Collaboration. This is the best thing about Google Apps and there’s no doubt about it. You can work on the same files together with your colleagues that are located in different offices and even in different parts of the country. But if your colleague deletes some parts of the file or the whole file itself and doesn’t tell you about it, you lose it.

The best solution for all these issues would be to keep a reserve copy of your files in another cloud to be always able to restore Google Apps data.

Use Upsafe to backup and restore Google apps

  • Restore granular files. If some files have been lost due to there service glitches or your irresponsible colleagues, you don’t have to restore your whole Google Drive. You just find the file that you need and restore it granularly.
  • Restore different versions of the files. As you know, Google Drive allows you to see different versions of the files. But you can only go back to the versions that are no older than 30 days would update/ With Upsafe you have no such limitations. You can restore any version of the file from any point in time.
  • Back up the whole Google apps suite. Upsafe allows you to back up not only Google Docs, but also Gmail, Google Calendar and Google contacts. If you are an active user of the Google apps, for sure for you use these services too.

Google Apps is one of the most popular, most convenient and most secure cloud platforms where you can store your data. But remember that it is not wise to put all the eggs into one basket. Every secure system has its own glitches and Upsafe helps you to protect your data against them.

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