Why is your Office 365 data at risk?


Much has already been told about Office 365 data security. If you choose Office365 as your cloud software provider you can be 100% sure that no outside villain will ever abuse your data safety with hackers’ attacks. Keeping your data with Office is much safer than storing it on your local servers.

But still Office 365 cloud technologies do not fully protect you and there are still some gaps to plug. See the list of some more data threats in this article.

  • Employees can use Office 365 messaging and collaboration services irrelevantly. They may send emails with sexual content or post such entries in their corporate accounts.
  • Employees can violate the data breach laws by mistake, sending sensitive data without encryption, which can result in big penalties, sanctions, etc.
  • If you allow your employees to access the corporate Office365 data via personal devices like smartphones or home computers you should make sure that the sensitive data is not accessed by unauthorized users.
  • Moreover the lack of adequate protection for their devices can result in malware penetrating into your corporate Office 365 account.

It is critical for IT security department to understand all these risks and take precautions.

There is no way that would guarantee your cloud data security but you can implement Office 365 backup and keep the reserve copies of your data in some other cloud storage. Only in this case you will always be able to restore your Office 365 files and folders exactly the way they were before a disaster occurred.