New UpSafe release: when did you last purge your Gmail account?

Google provides its users with 15Gb free storage. Only 15 Gb – for your files in the Google Drive and all you emails with attachements!
I am a marketer and I work a lot with graphic and text files that do no occupy too much space. Nevertheless the average size of a file at my Google Drive is 6 Mb! I bet that it is much bigger for designers, web developers, videographers and others! I am sure that if your Gmail account is 1 or more year old, you must have run against 15Gb restiction at least for once.

What can you do about it?

Purchase additional space

The price for Google space is quite modest. You pay $2 per month and you get 100Gb available. You pay $10 and you get a whole Terabyte.

Archive your data on a regular basis

It is not the best decision to delete your data beyond retrieve. You cannot be 100% sure that the project you stopped working at 2 months ago will not be revived, let’s say, in half a year.
There is nothig bad about saving you data at the local disk. The only proble is that if you do it manually you can easily delete the data which has not been archived yet by mistake.

Meet the alternative – UpSafe Free Gmail Backup

Today we have added a new function for archiving your data to UpSafe Free Gmail Backup. It helps you to save all your emails together with attachements locally and delete them from Gmail account.

You can run full or granular backup.
You can archive emails that

  • are older than some specific date
  • are sent more than some time ago
  • contain some specific words in the “From”, “To” or “Subject” field

To download the latest version of the app click the link below.
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