Using Google Docs template: choose from the catalogue or create your own


Have you ever worked in GDocs with similar types of documents like official letters or a product’s new features presentations? If you give the positive answer then this article can be useful for you.

Google Docs allows you to choose one of the free templates from the catalogue. See the instructions how to do this below.

To access the templates go to You can either take a look at the catalogue or simply type what you need in the search field. For example, here is the Google Slide template about some backup tool:

However you may also need to create your own template if you are lazy enough to search through the catalogue or because of your work specifics.

First you would need to create a Google Document which you will make a template later on. Let it be an official letter, for example:

Then get back to the Google Drive Templates page and open the My Templates tab. Then click “Submit a template” link:

Choose the document that you want to use as the Google Docs template and fill in the other fields, that are optional. Save the template.

Now if you open you will see your template among the ones that are offered by Google Docs:

If you share your Google Drive documents with colleagues and give them access to your templates and files you may find one day that some very important data is missing. Your coworkers may have deleted it simply by mistake. If you do not restore it from the thrash bin within 30 days you will lose it forever. So you’d better take precautions and backup Google Apps with third-party applications like Upsafe Google Account backup.