Useful tips to enhance your Google Apps for business security. Part 2.


We have already talked about precautions that the Google Apps admin can take when implementing cloud computing in your organization. Here are 4 more tips on how you can increase your Google Apps for business security.

6. Take care of your archived data safety

As Google Drive for work now offers you unlimited space, storage is no longer a problem. But if you keep indefinite number of files in one folder it can become a real problem to manage it all with time. What do you do with the data of the fired employee? Do you still allow him to gain access to it? Do you leave the sharing option as they were after the collaboration with external agents is complete?

All these questions need to be thoroughly regarded. If you leave your sensitive data the way it was it may lead to unnecessary risks. You should review all your archived data at least one in 3 months and improve your corporate data security.7. Imply encryption.

For most secret data encryption will never be excessive. Whether it is your intellectual property or the keys to the online bank. Recent reports about business data losses should make it clear how important it is to create such an extra level of data security for the most private items.

Make sure to assess each app enabled through users’ corporate account. Does the app increase user productivity? What data can the app access? If the app is not related with work, make sure that the users enable it with personal accounts.

7. Gain control over third-party apps.

Make sure you have total control over apps in your domain. Avoid apps that are risky, including the ones that are not related with work. If you suspect some of the apps put them into quarantine zone before you have time to review them. Create your own black and white lists.

8. Third-party applications: be aware of what you are connected to.

There are lots of useful third-party apps that you may apply in your daily life. But except for the values they offer, they also can create security gaps for your corporate information as you grant them corresponding permissions.

9. Teach your users regarding Google Apps for business security.

Human factor bears of the greatest risks to your cloud data. Of course if you regularly teach your employees the security best practices it would not 100% protect you from the data loss. But still it is never redundant to make corporate meetings at least once a month and to remind them about the core security rules.

However strong safety you have built it is never excessive to create an additional level of Google Apps for business security. Back up your Google apps with applications like Upsafe and be 100% sure that your cloud data will stay untouched.