Useful tips to enhance your Google Apps for business security. Part 1.


In the modern cloud technology era many companies have implemented Google Apps for Business into their daily life. That is a great step into tomorrow’s innovations. Cloud computing has many benefits in comparison with old on-premises solutions and one of them is undisputable safety of you data.

But although your cloud data is well protected against the outside intruders there are many other threats to your Google corporate security that you should be aware of before you go cloud.

Here are some useful tips for you that will allow you to significantly increase your cloud data security.

  1. Get to understand your environment.

First define who of your employees is using Google Apps and how they are using it. Thoroughly look through all your corporate data that is kept in Google Drive, find who has access to what files. Check that all the apps are linked with your domain to see all the access points into your corporate environment.

  1. Take control over Google corporate security

Make sure that you as a Google Apps admin can always disallow sharing of files with sensitive information in case your data is at risk.3. Develop safety policies and monitor your data accordingly.

Set up specific rules for working with secret information within shared files. Pay attention to the security rules in particular. Determine what apps users can and cannot attach to the domain. Then, monitor the environment for rules violations accordingly.

  1. Categorize the information.

Set up classifications to all your Google data with respect to the level of access. There should be 4 main categories: public data, limited, confidential and top confidential. Such data segregation will help you in policy development and enforcement.

  1. Hold back oversharing.

If you give the users total access to files in GDrive they can thoughtlessly share them with external individuals. When they do so your corporate data is at the great risk. So make sure that you regularly teach your users cloud security and remove sharing permissions related to a project as soon as it is complete.

Even the best of us fail and the human factor will still remain a tremendous security breach. You can cover it if you regularly backup Google Apps to enhance your Google corporate security with applications like Upsafe.