Useful Gmail tips: how to create a task out of an email


If you receive dozens of emails from your clients every day, sometimes you can lose an important letter in this huge array and get in trouble. You can organize your Gmail account so as to make life easier. You can create tasks out of the messages. If you exceed the storage limit provided by Google you will stop receiving new emails. So it would be better to take the precautions and backup Gmail account.

In this article I will tell you how to manage Gmail tasks and how to backup Gmail account to enhance your corporate cloud security.

How to create a task out of an email

  1. Select the message that needs answering in the mailbox or just open it.
  2. Click “More” button in the top menu. Select “Add to tasks”.add-google-message-to-tasks
  3. Enjoy this new feature and never forget to answer important emails again! gmail-messages-emails-tasks

How to backup Gmail account

If you have ever exceeded the storage provided by Google you should know how bad it may be. You stop receiving new emails, your colleagues and clients get angry, your company loses money.

There is a simple and beautiful solution of all these issues. Regularly backup Gmail account with applications like Upsafe Gmail backup tool. You will have a reserve copy of your Gmail in another cloud and you will allways have access to your data.

You can sign up with your corporate Gmail account and test it for 30 days for free.