UpSafe Office 365 Backup: Reasons


Office 365 has secured its place among the principal tools of enterprise-level cooperation, which has caused Office 365 backup issue to emerge.

Microsoft is doing a lot to ensure files and documents are always accessible and backed up. It even prides itself in its 99.9% service up-time with regular backups. In a blog post on its site, Microsoft outlined some techniques it uses to ensure data is backed up. It constantly replicates data between data centers, and stores data in completely redundant environments with backup and restoring capabilities. In other words, if something happens to one of Microsoft’s data centers, you will still most likely retain every single one of your emails!

So, why should you have your own backup?

While Microsoft does replicate and backup its Office 365 service, it only protects its own interests by making sure any loss on its end can be recovered. Its backup does not protect you from user errors such as accidental deletion or an employee maliciously deleting files.

Organizations need a third-party solution to deal with this very prevalent form of data loss. (source)

In this regard Upsafe provides the best Office 365 backup. It helps you ensure the critical data from your SaaS application and allows you to focus on what really matters for your business & projects. In a few clicks you can set up the solution and just start your Office 365 backup. Then, when necessary, just restore the files you need through granular or full recovery.

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