UpSafe: 3 Years of Progress

cloud backup for business

It’s been three years since we got our first users subscribed for G Suite backup and Office 365 backup solution. UpSafe team has become bigger since then, a lot of work has been done: backups and restores have become several times faster; functionality reached the best industry standards; top-level stability and legal compliance have become standards of our everyday work.

At the same time, we are frequently asked about how large we actually are and how many clients we work with, by companies, who contact us for the first time. We at UpSafe understand how important the data trusted to our service actually is and we do everything we can to build confidence within our customers’ hearts.

Therefore, we decided it is high time to share some of our remarkable achievements through the last 3 years, to let the figures speak for themselves:

  • 2206 individual users. Three years ago we launched a free individual backup service to promote our backup solution. We keep on supporting it and maintaining quality of services that no other free backup solution can offer.
  • 100 corporate clients. It took us quite some time to attract our first corporate clients, but once they experienced our service – they won’t even think of trying anything else. Last year we acquired several quite big clients from metallurgy, healthcare and government control industries, proving how trustworthy we actually are.
  • Over 58000 GB of documents and over 21000 GB of emails stored. We are used to work with enterprise-level volumes of data at a world class security standard.
  • Steady 7% per month growth rate. More and more companies trust their most valuable data to us.

UpSafe is trusted by many and pays back with quality, stability and progress.

We work for your security

UpSafe Team