UpDates. Vol II, July 2018


Here’s the second entry of our monthly digest. UpSafe has done a lot of improvements into our Office 365 Backup and G Suite Backup systems in July. Here are some of the most impactful things we managed to improve during the last month:

Direct restore for Google Drive has been released. Our clients can now seamlessly get all of their most valuable documents back into their Google Drive directly from our system.

We have also optimized the payments system for Google Drive backup to ensure its maximum effectiveness.

Sharepoint Backup performance has been increased dramatically. We’ve been working on this several months and with the latest update your Sharepoint data gets backed up times faster than before.

Finally, we’ve done a lot of work to improve the performance of our system in general, resulting in more than 100% improvement of backup speed starting from late July.

UpSafe is constantly working to improve the services we offer you, as well as to make your user experience even better.

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UpSafe team