Top reasons for businesses to choose Microsoft Office 365. Part 2


We have already started this topic in the previous post. Here are some more reasons why businesses choose Office 365 above all other cloud solutions.

Less training is needed.

When clients move to the cloud, they want to give their workers the solution that will be easily adopted and would be much similar to what they have been used to.

Office 365 is exactly that sort of the solution. We all have forked with Microsoft Office on-premises software for years and now that we go online we find absolutely the same interface there as well.

Your workers can use Office 365 almost instantly, because Office 365 is built out of the on-premises versions of Exchange, SharePoint, Lync, and Office.

The result is that you minimize your costs for training and improve your ROI.

Apply Office 365 in your own way.

A company may not be ready to move all its data to the cloud at once. With Office 365, clients can choose whether they want to use a pure cloud environment or leave some part of their data on-premises, or create a hybrid environment that integrates both cloud and on-premises IT infrastructure.

This allows clients to move to the cloud with the speed that is the best for their business. If they choose a hybrid infrastructure, workers will hardly ever see the difference.

Enterprise support.

When clients call for support, they want to get help right at hand and they do not want to be called back one day later on. Office 365 Enterprise plans offer multilingual 24/7 phone support all their users. Office 365 support team is ready to help you with any question from licensing to deployment and daily use. Moreover, there are more than 40 000 MS Office partners that can help you instead.

Make sure that you regularly send reserve copies of your Office 365 data to the cloud with third-party applications like Upsafe. Only this solution can ensure that your data is 100% safe.