Top reasons for businesses to choose Microsoft Office 365. Part 1

Top-reasons-for-businesses-to-choose-Microsoft- Office-365

Different businesses are implementing cloud-based services into their work for such reasons as:

  • Growing business agility
  • Having the up-to-date technology.
  • Support for mobile workers.

These are the reasons why businesses now can earn more money and gain more time to pay attention to their core operations. With Office 365 for business you can get all these benefits.


Office 365 keeps clients’ information safe in their data centers and provide safe mobile access for users. Office 365 clients know where their data is located, who can get access to it, and what MS Online does with it.

Office 365 does not  collect users’ information for advertising purposes. Users’ data is only used for providing better services.

O365 clients know for sure who has access to what information and under what conditions as they grant these permissions themselves.

Your employees can access their data anytime, anywhere.

Employees need to be productive wherever they are. Office 365 allows you to work with your documents across PCs, mobile devices, and browsers. If you download Office 365 as a desktop software you can even work with your documents when you are offline. You can even work with archived emails when you are offline.

Office 365 provides you with elastic access to your data from any place, anywhere. Users can do offline all the same actions that they do online: work with the Active Directory address book, see an all the emails available, create meeting invites in Office 365 Calendar, and use text formatting features for emails.

Great set of features.

No other cloud productivity service that many functions that Office 365 does.

The most popular features are:

  • powerful email system, Exchange Online
  • audio and video conferences with Lync Online
  • flexible collaboration tools with SharePoint Online.

All these features are performed with MS online just as well as with MS offline desktop applications that people use every day. Microsoft has been working on these productivity tools for years and Office 365 is its natural extension. Users can sleep well in the night knowing that all their emails are sent and integrated with Offline service.

Office 365 is a safe and sound system but it would never hurt to have a reserve copy of your data in some side cloud. Remember that you are not protected from your own users within the application. So regularly back up Office 365 and be sure you will never lose your data.