The questions you should ask the Office 365 vendor regarding resilience


Office 365 services are delivered by highly resilient systems that are well aware of their customers’ needs. MS Office has had decades to build up a business productive solution and supports all the major business requirements regarding their IT infrastructure.

Every little twig of the Office 365 is 100% resilient and is adjusted to the users’ needs. The reserve copies of the users’ files and folders are permanently stored in the Office365 data centers which allows the service to quickly respond to any data loss. The latest Office 365 innovations allow you to access your Outlook mailbox even if you have no Internet connection.

The Office 365 service level is measured by a transparent technology that gives the customers total visibility. O365 only includes their real customers’ statistics into their reports and never use any imaginatory data.

Online Office 365 offers you multilingual 24/7 support. The average support engineer at Office365 has 10 years of the product experience. Office 365 has more than 40 000 partners all around the world that can help you to implement their technologies and move your on-premises data to MS cloud. And if you decide to start working with one of them you should ask them the following questions to make sure that this specific vendor will satisfy your needs:

Can our users continue working if the service lies down or if you do not have Internet connection?

What are the exact terms of 24/7 phone support?

Does your support cover all the MS services that we work with?

Do you regularly test your data center failure scenarios and make public your Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and Recovery Point Objective (RPO)?

Do you use real-time backup instruments?

Does your SLA cover all parts of your service?

IF you decide to go on with implementing Office 365 on your own take care for your cloud security and regularly back up Office 365 with apps like UPsafe.