The questions you should ask the Office 365 vendor regarding manageability


Office 365 has more than 40 000 partners that are ready to help any business move to the Office cloud. If you move IT infrastructure to the cloud you can significantly reduce the management chores of IT personnel, but you cannot totally dispose of IT management itself.

In the previous article we have studied the questions you should ask the Office 365 vendor regarding resilience. Now it’s time to talk about manageability.

In fact, the chance to easily manage and build your services in the way that is best for your company is one of the most wonderful things in Office365. Companies need to be able to create, maintain and delete users without any efforts, strengthen their safety policies with appropriate level of granularity, manage and monitor many services easily from a centralized control panel.

Office 365 gives you all these features. It allows you to easily control permissions, policies, and users’ features with online administration and management tools. You can set up Office 365 to meet your specific operational and security needs. This control panel is designed to be easy to use, it allows you to delegate your everyday tasks to non-specialist IT personnel, yet strong enough to support advanced IT management needs. Only Microsoft give you a chance to seamlessly manage the hybrid cloud and local deployment as a single facility and offers cloud-based management of your local PCs with Windows InTune.

Questions to Ask Cloud Vendors

  • Do you provide the granular level of control to serve all my workers?
  • Can you give me the group management capabilities that I need?
  • Do you provide rich site management features so that I gain full control?
  • What migration tools do you provide to move my local data to the cloud?
  • What are the requirements for the workers’ machines and what support do you offer in deploying the appropriate software?

The Office 365 partners are aplenty so you will have no difficulty to find the one that will suit your needs. But whoever you choose to work with you should always take care of your Office 365 security yourself and backup Office 365 with third-party apps like Upsafe.