The Microsoft Cloud solution


Cloud computing offers companies of all sizes the chance to increase fluidity, reduce expenses, and pay more attention to the core business actions.

The applications that your workers use in their daily life for such functions as email, calendars, document creation and editing, and co-working are business-crucial, so if you have decided to move them to the cloud you should first thoroughly study the vendor’s capabilities and see if it will satisfy all your needs.

The main business requirements to their cloud computing partners are reliability, security, manageability and good support. They should take care of their data privacy and be able to satisfy your compliance needs.

Among the big vendors in the cloud market MS Office 365 is the one that can meet all these requirements.

Office 365 puts cloud version of the most trusted products  designed for communication and collaboration together with familiar Microsoft Office solutions for businesses of all sizes. Your workers will seamlessly start using new Office 365 cloud technologies across all the devices: PCs, phones, and browsers as the online version of Office 365 is pretty much similar to the one we have got used to during all the previous years of desktop technologies.

Office 365 provides:

  • Clear privacy policies
  • Highest class security
  • Guaranteed reliability with a the SLA (Service Level Agreement)
  • A familiar, easy-to-use administrative environment
  • Compliant identity services and single sign-on ability
  • The capability to support a hybrid cloud and on-premises environment
  • Industry-standard certificates
  • 24/7 support multilingual center

If all these features have convinced you to implement Office 365 into your daily work take care of your cloud security and regularly backup Office 365 with app like Upsafe.