Sharepoint: Features for SMBs

Microsoft Sharepoint is a great collaboration tool for all kinds of teams. Here are four features that can be especially useful for SMBs: 

1. Customer and Member Portals

SharePoint is often thought of as an internal tool; however, it can be configured to grant access to members and clients. This opens up a world of possibilities for project management, customer relations, and member relations. Associations and nonprofits, for instance, can provide a member-only site for resources, contact management, and to share notices.

2. Meet Regulatory Compliance

Many industries find themselves dealing with swiftly changing issues regarding regulatory compliance. From the financial sector to healthcare organizations, businesses need to be able to protect and secure their documents. SharePoint helps in meeting regulatory compliance in terms of auditing policies, storage policies, and security settings.

3. Protect Proprietary Information

Rather than sending employees all of your data, you can hide certain things (such as algorithms) within the system itself. Employees can simply access the data they need — and can interact with documents — without revealing all of their component parts.  (source)

4. Additional Security Layer

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