RBAC with UpSafe Office 365 backup.

office 365 backup

In the world where Information is the highest value resource, keeping it secure is a task o major importance.

UpSafe goes hand-in-hand with the latest cyber security trends: we have recently enhanced our corporate Office 365 backup solution with RBAC security approach. RBAC, role-based access control is one of the best cyber security practices, implying the existence of multiple access levels for specific users and groups of users. In is now possible to grant or, on the contrary, restrict access to backups for both admins and regular users.

Therefore, you would ask: ok, but how does this affect my normal Office 365 backup usage?

1) RBAC optimizes your usage experience: you don’t need to handle your backups by yourself – choose or hire an admin! RBAC will make sure admin cannot access the contents of backups he or she manages.

2) You can reduce your backups management time – RBAC lets you have multiple access levels, which potentially lets you give restricted access rights to end users and save time on micromanagement.

3) Which is more important – it is now much more secure, especially if you trust you employee or a freelance admin the rights to manage your Office 365 backup. Feel free to give individually tuned scope of rights to each user.

As you can see, UpSafe is constantly working to improve the services we provide – check our weekly updates to know what’s new.

UpSafe team.