Protecting your Files on Team Drives II

Team Drives

We’re following up on our article from last week, introducing you to some of the best practices to secure your Team Drives data.

For the last two tips, you’ll need a G Suite Administrator account with the authority needed to restore data and add apps, respectively.


3. Restore deleted data or Team Drives

A G Suite administrator also may be able to restore items deleted from a Team Drive or a deleted Team Drive—again, provided the information has been deleted within the past 25 days. To do so, sign in to the Google Admin console (, choose Apps > G Suite > Drive and Docs > Manage Team Drives > then select the Restore icon (to the right of the Team Drive). Choose the a date range for your restore, then choose Restore data.


4. Protect data with third-party backup

Finally, a third-party backup solution will let you retain access to deleted files over a longer period of time. Typically, G Suite backup services retain backups of all of your G Suite data, including Gmail, Calendars, Contacts, Sites, Google Drive contents, and more.


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